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Ivan is often sleeping on a cat tree when folks come to visit the Amarillo SPCA.  He is not overly interactive and folks often pass him by.  Ivan may not be for everyone because he probably won’t follow you around or jump on your lap for attention.  But he’s a really cool fellow! Minds his own business, has good manners, uses his box, isn’t picky about food and enjoys napping.  He doesn’t want a lot of petting and brushing, but a little bit is welcome and sometimes he will come to you for a few pets as well.  If you are interested in an independent cat--read on!


Description: Brown/grey/black coloring, short-haired Tabby cat. Large framed.

Age: approx 6 years of age.

Likes: Napping, Investigating, Looking out the window

Needs: May need a quiet home with no small children.  He currently doesn’t like a lot of handling and is not really a snuggler.  However, he may blossom into a social cat with the right family.




Alfa is male tabby kitty about 6 years of age.  He has a soft short haired gray & white coat with white on the tips of his feet and over his neck and face.  This handsome boy arrived with his housemate GT after their owner passed away.  They are understandably confused about this change of environment, so a bit nervous at this point.  Alfa is a sweet, quiet fellow, sure to make a lovely furry friend!  

bobby 2


Bobby is male tabby cat about 1 ½ years of age.  He has a pretty mix of brown, gray and black in his coat with white markings on this feet, chest and face. He has large golden eyes and pink nose.  Bobby is a good sized fella who is very sweet, likes to have pets and provides head bumps in return.  He arrived with sibs Jimmy and Bobby, all sweet, but a bit apprehensive about their new surroundings yet.   



Boo is a black, male kitty that is a front declaw and approx. 14 years young.  He has a short haired, easy to care for soft coat, large glowing eyes and a black nose.   Boo has a lived a quiet life as an only kitty and that would be best for his retirement home as well.  He likes to be petted and have neck scratches, plus he’s a bit of a talker! He loves his family, but when visitors come, he doesn’t care to socialize.  Boo is a sweet mature fella, looking for a loving forever home, a cozy blanket, tasty treats and perhaps a sunbeam for napping.  



Brambles is a male tabby kitty about 1 year of age.  He has a colorful coat, with brown, gray and black throughout, a black and gray striped tail and touches of white on his feet, neck and across his nose and mouth.  Brambles is an affectionate kitty that likes attention and petting.  He often reaches his paw out to you if you stop petting to remind you he’d like more!  Brambles is a sweet, friendly kitty, that likes to explore and enjoy interactive play with his people.  He arrived with housemate Spunk, so doesn’t mind other kitties. He may not like dogs-but not sure if only certain types of dogs bother him. 


chloe flowers


Chloe is a gray tabby female kitten about 3 months old.  ( DOB 2/24/2024).  She has a beautiful, soft, light gray coat with darker gray striping.  Chloe is an affectionate kitty with lots of kitten energy.  She will enjoy lots of interactive play with her person and a variety of kitty toys.  Chloe was found on our property and spent time in a foster home getting big and also vaccinated until she could come to the shelter to find her forever family.



Coda is a black/brown male tabby cat about 7 months old. He has a short haired coat in dark brown with black striping throughout.  Coda’s sweet face features curious golden eyes and white highlights around his eyes and mouth.  He’s an adorable friendly fellow that likes attention and is a ‘talker’. If you are sitting, don’t be surprised to find a lap full of Coda- ready for some snuggling.  Coda will make a great forever friend-come meet him!



Esme is a short-haired, female tabby about 5 years of age.  Soft, orange fur covers her back and parts of her head, with white on her legs, neck, chest and mouth.  Esme is a larger kitty, with light golden eyes and a pink nose.  She is at the shelter due to her owner’s poor health and now looking for a forever home.  She is understandably confused about her new surroundings, but settling in well.  Esme is a sweet girl that happily accepts pets and neck scratches.  Come meet her!

I'm test running a family!



Gemma is approximately 6 years of age.  A soft, medium coated Tabby.  She's a lovely grey colored cat with expressive facial markings.  Gemma is quiet and keeps to herself in the cat room, but welcomes a bit of attention.  She likes to be brushed and petted, but for a short time.  Gemma may not be best for young kids at this point, but probably waiting for the right family to show her love and bring out her social side. (approx  DOB 11/1/16) 



Geno is a black kitty about 3 years of age.  He has a silky black coat with a tuft of white on his chest.  With dark golden eyes, he also has a black nose and black whiskers.   Geno is a lovable, playful kitty and enjoys batting around small spiral toys that look like springs.  He arrived with housemate, Honey, however, he doesn’t seem to care for sharing his space with the kitties in our cat room.  May be best as an only kitty- or carefully introduce to your kitty to see if they are happy together.  Geno is ready for a loving forever home!



GT is a male tabby kitty about 6 years of age.  He has a long haired silky dark gray coat with handsome white markings on his face, neck & underside.  Sweet GT and his housemate, Alfa, found themselves at our shelter after their owner passed away.  They are understandably nervous about this change of venue and rather shy at this point.  GT is a quiet, gentle kitty and will surely make a wonderful furry friend!



Heidi is a dilute torti female about 11 months of age. She has a beautiful, soft, short haired coat in light gray, tan & buff with white on her chest, face and feet. Heidi has large pretty eyes, a pink nose,  and a petite frame. She’s a sweet, quiet gal that is happy to have attention, be picked up and have pets. Heidi would love to have her own home and forever friend to snuggle with.

I'm test running a family!



Honey is a 3 year old dilute torti female cat.  She has a beautiful, soft, short-haired coat in a mix of soft gray, tan/orange and white colors.  Her eyes have a bit of light blue to them.  Honey is a sweetheart and enjoys petting and attention.  She seems to be ok with other cats and she has been around gentle dogs. She was very loved and well cared for in her previous home and will make a great addition to her next forever family.  She arrived with her housemate Geno, but do not appear bonded.



Ivan is a brown/grey/black colored, short haired Tabby cat.  He is around 6 years of age.  Ivan is a sweet boy but not really a snuggler and will come to you when he’s ready for a little TLC. Ivan is a quiet, larger cat with a beautiful coat.  He loves to lounge around and nap and often keeps to himself in the cat room.  Ivan may blossom into a social cat with the right family.  For now he may not be best with young kids as doesn't currently like a lot of handling. (approx DOB 3/17/2017)



Jack is a male gray & white kitty about 2 years old.  He has a fluffy medium length coat in darker gray with white on his face, chest, legs and underside.  His tail is long haired and darker gray.  Jack has long white whiskers, dark golden eyes and a pink nose. This handsome fella is a sweet, gentle boy who likes attention, some play time and seems to like other cats as well.  Jack will make a great forever friend.



Lou is a male tabby cat approx. 1-1/2 years old.  He has an unusual light silvery gray undercoat with darker gray striping throughout his beautiful soft coat.

Lou is a quiet fellow, a bit shy, and can easily get overlooked for adoption in a room full of kittens.  But don’t miss out on meeting him--he’s such a sweet, friendly boy and loves having people spend time with him-getting petted, having tummy rubs and being brushed while having a quiet conversation. He makes adorable chirping noises instead of a traditional 'meow'.  Lou enjoys playing with soft toys and having snacks-both dry food and a soft food treat. He’s looking for that special, patient person that will let him ease into transitioning to a new home, showering him with love and letting him know he’s safe.  He probably would do better in a quiet home without small children at this point and letting him adjust in one room before having the run of the house. (approx DOB 6/2022)



Loretta is a female, short-haired kitty celebrating an April birthday and will be 2 years of age. (est dob 4/2022). She has a soft, short-haired coat with large sections of fluffy white fur alongside dark grey & black.  Check out Loretta’s adorable pink nose and her sweet face.  She is a shy, quiet gal that keeps to herself, but she is friendly, gentle and has a curious nature.  Loretta is thrilled to find small coil toys and will play like a kitten with them.  Loretta & sibs came to our shelter as kittens and one by one found homes.  Being shy, Loretta was nervous about all the shelter activity and didn’t welcome attention and so got passed by for adoption. Volunteers love on her to get her more comfortable around people. She enjoys having her face petted and neck scratched.  Sweet Loretta needs a special person that understands shy, cautious kitties and will let her adjust to a new home slowly and love her on her own terms.  She will most likely do best in a quiet home, without young kids, or boisterous dogs or bossy cats. Allow her to acclimate in one room before getting free run of the house. Come spend time with her and see if you’re a match!



Mandy is a female, short-haired, tabby kitty about 7 months of age.  She has a pretty black and gray striped coat and white on her chin, chest and feet. Mandy is very loving and sweet. She will come see you for attention and while you pet her, she will make some ‘biscuits’ and talk with you.  Right now she’s a bit timid, but doing well with our volunteers.  Mandy was on her own outside and found a nice lady’s house where she was fed and cared for until she could come to our shelter to find her forever home.



Mindy is a 9 month old black female kitty.  She has a fluffy black short haired coat with some random white hairs sprinkled throughout her fur.  Mindy has beautiful, wise-looking, golden eyes and a black nose.  She is a very sweet, loving kitty who enjoys play time, nap time and some TLC. Mindy will make a wonderful forever friend.



Mommas is a black female kitty about 2 years of age.  She has a soft short-haired coat, light green eyes and a black nose. Mommas is a sweet, quiet kitty that likes pets and head rubs.  She would love a forever home to call her own. Come visit and see if you are a match!



Rollo is a Domestic Short Hair who is approximately 6 years of age.  He is black with some grey/white coloring above his pretty eyes.  Rollo is an independent cat, but loves attention and petting when it's on his own terms.  A sweet boy, but shy and will need a patient family to out him at ease.  At this point we suggest a quiet household without young kids. (approx DOB 11/2016)



Smokey is a female tabby kitty about 2 years old.  She has a pretty, long haired coat with a mix of soft light gray to darker gray colors. White highlights her eyes and mouth-especially showing off her pretty green eyes.  Smokey is a sweet, friendly cat that likes to play and be petted. She is used to adults and older children-not sure about young kids or other pets.  Smokey will need regular brushing to keep her fluffy coat tangle free.  She is also on a K/D diet and eats soft and dry food with this special formula. 

steve 2


Steve is a male tabby kitty with a mix of brown, black and white in his coat.  His short haired fur is soft and fluffy with some white ‘socks’ and a handsome face.  Steve loves to be held, carried and petted!  He is a four paw declaw and must be an indoor kitty only. He’s a sweet, older fella, of 13 years, and needing a forever home where he is loved & cherished.   Steve’s blood work shows a kidney issue that requires a special kidney food diet.  Please be sure to consider this expense when adopting any pet with a few extra health requirements.   We think Steve would like to be an only kitty as he does growl if other kitties get in his space.  Probably a quiet home, perhaps a mature household where he gets all the attention he craves may be best.



Tigger is a 5 year old male, orange and white Tabby cat.  You can surely see the distinctive 'M' on the forehead of this Tabby.  He's a nice cat but can be grumpy.  He may be different in a person's home, than in the shelter with numerous other cats.  Tigger can be quite independent, but he does enjoy a bit of petting on his own terms.  Tigger is quiet and laid back.  He may not be a good fit for young kids. (approx DOB 3/19/2018)

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