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Biggie is a light orange male kitty approx. 4 ½ months old.  His short-haired coat has darker orange stripes and is fluffy and soft. He has some white highlights around his eyes, chin and neck which make him quite the handsome guy.  Biggie is larger in size than his brother, Smoothie, (but still a smaller cat) and not as shy.  He is a bit cautious of people right now in his new environment, but is ok with petting and quiet conversation. He is a sweet, quiet fellow ready for a forever home.



Blossom is a beautiful black and tan tabby with some cream markings along her face and neck. She is approx. 4 years old and is quite a large gal, which just means more to love! Blossom is a super sweet cat who likes attention and any petting & brushing is enjoyed. She is also quite fond of catnip! Blossom is a laid back cat and likes a good nap and some time to herself. She may be best suited for a quiet home without young kids. She is a loving, house trained, indoor cat that is now ready for her next adventure...finding her forever home.



Cricket is an all gray female kitty around 1 year old.  She has a soft thick short-haired coat with beautiful green eyes.  Cricket is a petite kitty and has a raspy meow. The nice lady that cared for her when she showed up at her home says she is a sweet, loving kitty.  She’s now looking for a forever family.



Gemma is approximately 4 years of age.  A soft, medium coated Tabby.  She's a lovely grey colored cat with expressive facial markings.  Gemma is quiet and keeps to herself in the cat room, but welcomes a bit of attention.  She likes to be brushed and petted, but for a short time.  Gemma may not be best for young kids at this point, but probably waiting for the right family to show her love and bring out her social side.  



Ghost is a long haired petite female cat about 6 years old.  Her fluffy coat is brownish/gray and her facial markings are so pretty, as are her large expressive eyes. She is understandably a bit shy being in a strange new place, but getting more comfortable every day.  Ghost happily accepts petting and head rubs.  This sweet gal is gentle and quiet and looking for a forever family.  She has lived with other cats so we know she’s ok with them, although bringing any pet into a new home needs a transition period. 



Hallie is a female Tabby, about 4 years of age.  She was rescued about 3 years ago, along with her siblings and brought to our shelter.  Hallie is certainly ready for her forever home. She is a friendly, quiet gal that likes to be brushed and pet, but not picked up.  She may warm up to the right family, but she may not be right for young children at this point. She is a medium-sized cat and has beautiful yellow/green eyes. Litter box trained.



Harmony is a short haired female calico cat approximately 2 years old.  Her soft coat is a beautiful blend of light orange, white and black, with a couple adorable black freckles on her nose and cheek.  Harmony is a bit timid at the moment and we continue to work with her to help her feel at ease.  She does enjoy petting when she feels comfortable with you.  Probably an experienced, patient pet parent is best for her as you will need to gain her trust.  We understand that she was quite affectionate with the female member of her foster home, so she may feel perfectly comfortable in a home of her own away from shelter life. 



Ivan is a brown/grey/black colored, short haired Tabby cat.  He is around 3 years of age.  A sweet boy who is a little timid.  Ivan is a quiet, larger cat with a beautiful coat.  He loves to lounge and keep to himself in the cat room.  Ivan may blossom into a social cat with the right family.  For now he may not be best with young kids as doesn't currently like a lot of handling. 



Jude is a black male cat about 8 years old.  He has a shiny, soft, short-haired black coat and gorgeous eyes.  Jude has an extra special feature- he sports extra toes!  Jude is an affectionate, cuddly cat that may jump on your shoulders for extra attention.  He likes to snuggle, likes people (including kids) and seems ok with other cats.  Jude enjoys beef flavored food. Come meet this handsome boy.



Loretta is a female, short-haired, kitten approx. 4 months old (as of 8-14-22). She has an easy to care for coat with large sections of fluffy white fur alongside dark grey.  Loretta has an adorable pink nose and sweet face.  She is a little uncertain about her new surroundings, but she is a lovely little gal.  Loretta and her littermates (Patsy, Reba, and Willie) along with their mom, were taken into kitten foster care and are now ready to find their forever homes.



Oreo is a 3 year old female tuxedo kitty.  She has a soft, short haired black and white coat, pretty facial markings and large golden eyes.  Oreo is a pleasantly plump gal and will benefit from losing a bit of weight.  Oreo is with us because her mom passed away.  Even though she is understandably confused about her new surroundings, it’s obvious she is a love bug as she enjoys head pets, tummy rubs and being around people.  Oreo loves to look out windows and watch all the activity.  She is used to a quiet home with adults.

Oreo 2.jpg

Oreo 2

Oreo (labeled Oreo 2 since we have two Oreos) is a male medium-long haired tuxedo kitty.  His black and white coat is silky soft and has beautiful markings.  Oreo is very sweet, and welcomes petting and neck scratches and offers snuggles and head bumps in return.  He is a bit shy in his new environment, but getting more comfortable every day. He has a special look about him, as he appears a bit cross eyed!  When he’s tired, it is more noticeable, per his foster.   Oreo is looking for a forever retirement home as he is 15 years old, but doesn’t show it.  He has spent time with other cats so we know he’s ok with that.  He just wants to be cherished, snuggled and cared for in his forever home. 



Posey is a dilute calico female kitty a possibly a couple years old. She has a beautiful soft, short-haired coat with a mix of white, tan and light gray.  Posey is a very mellow, laid back kitty that has been gentle and sweet.  She enjoys petting and attention and probably likes laps! She will make a wonderful forever companion. 



Rexie is a 10 month old medium-haired male kitty. He is mostly black with spots of white on his chest, back feet, and a couple white toes on his front paws. His tail is long-haired, thick and impressive! Rexie also sports a beautiful set of white whiskers.  He arrived with brother Jasper so we know he is used to other cats.  He is a bit more shy than Jasper, but still enjoys pets and snuggles.

I'm test running a family!



Rollo is a Domestic Short Hair who is approximately 4 years of age.  He is black with some grey/white coloring above his pretty eyes.  Rollo is an independent cat, but loves attention and petting when it's on his own terms.  A sweet boy, but shy and will need a patient family to out him at ease.  At this point we suggest a quiet household without young kids. 



Smoothie is a light orange male kitty approx. 4 ½ months old.  He arrived with brother Biggie and is smaller and has lighter striping than his brother. He’s a bit timid around people right now in his new environment, but he seems ok with a bit of petting and quiet conversation.   Smoothie relaxes more each day as volunteers work on socializing  with him.  He is a quiet, sweet fellow that will benefit from a patient person that is ok letting him relax at his own speed. 



Tigger is a 4 year old male, orange and white Tabby kitten.  You can surely see the distinctive 'M' on the forehead of this Tabby.  He's a nice cat but can be grumpy.  He may be different in a person's home, than in the shelter with numerous other cats.  Tigger can be quite independent, but he does enjoy a bit of petting on his own terms.  Tigger is quiet and laid back.  He may not be a good fit for young kids.

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