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Tuxedo (short coat) :: Male :: Young

Chuy is a male tuxedo cat about 3 years old. He has a sweet face with a pink nose and black & white markings over his short haired fluffy coat. He lived as an only cat, and may prefer that, but could be ok with the right furry friend. Chuy loves petting, tummy rubs & neck scratches and offers head bumps in return for your love. He also seems to like ‘alone time’ and likes to sleep in cubby holes on cat trees. Having recently arrived, he is a little shy at the shelter, and is sometimes hiding under his blanket, but happy to come meet and greet when you call his name. He will probably need a bit of time to settle into a new home-as most cats do.



Calico (short coat) :: Female :: Baby

Dolly is female calico kitten about 6 months old with an estimated dob of 1-15-22. Her short-haired coat sports adorable splashes of white, orangey/tan and black along with a black stripe down her nose.  Dolly has a gentle, sweet nature where she will peacefully purr in your arms or welcome petting all over.  However, she has sassy spells and will let you know with swatting, hissing and impatience that she would like some time to herself and it’s best to just back away!  She may mellow as she ages, but you should love her as she is just in case!  Dolly tried a home with another cat, and she was unhappy and acted out.  We will be looking for an only-cat home for her. 



Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Gemma is approximately 4 years of age.  A soft, medium coated Tabby.  She's a lovely grey colored cat with expressive facial markings.  Gemma is quiet and keeps to herself in the cat room, but welcomes a bit of attention.  She likes to be brushed and petted, but for a short time.  Gemma may not be best for young kids at this point, but probably waiting for the right family to show her love and bring out her social side.  


Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Hallie is a female Tabby, about 4 years of age.  She was rescued about 3 years ago, along with her siblings and brought to our shelter.  Hallie is certainly ready for her forever home. She is a friendly, quiet gal that likes to be brushed and pet, but not picked up.  She may warm up to the right family, but she may not be right for young children at this point. She is a medium-sized cat and has beautiful yellow/green eyes. Litter box trained.



Tabby (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Ivan is a brown/grey/black colored, short haired Tabby cat.  He is around 3 years of age.  A sweet boy who is a little timid.  Ivan is a quiet, larger cat with a beautiful coat.  He loves to lounge and keep to himself in the cat room.  Ivan may blossom into a social cat with the right family.  For now he may not be best with young kids as doesn't currently like a lot of handling. 



Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Baby

Jill is an orange tabby kitten approx. 3 months old.  She is a small framed gal with a soft short-haired coat, who is quiet and sweet.  Right now Jill is timid and would benefit from a gentle, patient family to let her know she is safe.  Young children seem to frighten her at this stage in her life.  She arrived with sibling Jack and they are comfortable with each other.




Grey and White(short coat) :: Female :: Baby

Loretta is a female, short-haired, kitten approx. 4 months old (as of 8-14-22). She has an easy to care for coat with large sections of fluffy white fur alongside dark grey.  Loretta has an adorable pink nose and sweet face.  She is a little uncertain about her new surroundings, but she is a lovely little gal.  Loretta and her littermates (Patsy, Reba, and Willie) along with their mom, were taken into kitten foster care and are now ready to find their forever homes.


Calico (short coat) :: Female :: Young

Maybelle is a female, calico kitten approx. 9 months old (as of 8-14-22).  She had a litter of 4 kittens when she herself was still one. She raised them in a wonderful quiet foster home until they were all ready to come to the shelter to find forever homes.  Maybelle is a lovely lady with long legs, and a petite lean frame.  Her white coat has a wonderful assortment of warm orange splotches, as well as dark gray/black ones over her short haired coat.  She’s a quiet, gentle, curious gal-sure to be someone’s sweetheart soon!




Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Rollo is a Domestic Short Hair who is approximately 4 years of age.  He is black with some grey/white coloring above his pretty eyes.  Rollo is an independent cat, but loves attention and petting when it's on his own terms.  A sweet boy, but shy and will need a patient family to out him at ease.  At this point we suggest a quiet household without young kids. 


Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Shay is a short haired female kitty approximately 7 yrs old. She has a glossy, soft black coat, beautiful eyes and a black nose. Shay has a distinctive husky meow that makes her rather special! She is a sweet laid back kitty that enjoys head scratches and petting. Shay has lived with another cat; not sure what she thinks of dogs.



Siamese (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Simone is a female Siamese cat approximately 5 yrs old. She has beautiful coloring of chocolate brown and tan/cream. Simone is a very sweet gal that likes to be petted and get attention. She will make a wonderful forever friend.



Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Female :: Young

Tambourine is approximately 2 years of age.  A black, domestic short haired female.  She is very affectionate but on her own schedule.  If she is not in the mood for attention, she may take a swipe at you.  Tambourine is looking for the right owner that will give her space when needed.  She may not be a good fit for young kids.



Tabby (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Tigger is a 4 year old male, orange and white Tabby kitten.  You can surely see the distinctive 'M' on the forehead of this Tabby.  He's a nice cat but can be grumpy.  He may be different in a person's home, than in the shelter with numerous other cats.  Tigger can be quite independent, but he does enjoy a bit of petting on his own terms.  Tigger is quiet and laid back.  He may not be a good fit for young kids.