Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Young

Bella is a petite, white, black and brown, female tabby about 1 year old. Her short haired coat is mostly white with lovely markings and cute splashes of brown around her nose. Bella is a quiet gal that likes some gentle interactions with people- not minding being petted and brushed. But she is quite shy at first and would need a family to let her get adjusted to her new space and people. She would probably prefer a quiet home without young kids at this point in her life. Come meet her and see if she is the one for you.



Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Blossom is a beautiful black and tan tabby with some cream markings along her face and neck.  She is approx. 3 years old and is quite a large gal, which just means more to love!  She came with her housemate Cookie when their mom passed away, but they are not bonded.  Blossom is a super sweet cat who loves attention and any petting & brushing is fully enjoyed. She also likes a good nap. She is a loving, house trained, indoor cat that is now ready for her next adventure...finding her forever home.  



Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Male :: Baby

Church is a handsome, all gray kitten approximately 9 months old. He has gorgeous golden eyes and a wonderfully soft coat. Church is a sweet, curious fellow that enjoys belly rubs, watching the rain, cuddling, playing, and watching tv with his person. Church doesn't like other cats, so needs to be an only cat or perhaps an only pet.  Also a home with no small children. 



Tabby (medium coat) :: Female :: Adult

Gemma is approximately 4 years of age.  A soft, medium coated Tabby.  She's a lovely grey colored cat with expressive facial markings.  Gemma is quiet and keeps to herself in the cat room, but welcomes a bit of attention.  She likes to be brushed and petted, but for a short time.  Gemma may not be best for young kids at this point, but probably waiting for the right family to show her love and bring out her social side.  



Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Hallie is a female Tabby, about 4 years of age.  She was rescued about 3 years ago, along with her siblings and brought to our shelter.  Hallie is certainly ready for her forever home. She is a friendly, quiet gal that likes to be brushed and pet, but not picked up.  She may warm up to the right family, but she may not be right for young children at this point. She is a medium-sized cat and has beautiful yellow/green eyes. Litter box trained.



Tabby (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Ivan is a brown/grey/black colored, short haired Tabby cat.  He is around 3 years of age.  A sweet boy who is a little timid.  Ivan is a quiet, larger cat with a beautiful coat.  He loves to lounge and keep to himself in the cat room.  Ivan may blossom into a social cat with the right family.  For now he may not be best with young kids as doesn't currently like a lot of handling. 



Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Young

Lovely Luna is a female, short-haired black and brown tabby. She has a silky soft coat with beautiful markings. She is approx 1 year old and a very sweet girl. She enjoys being petted and snuggled with and is a calm, gentle gal. Her previous family says she is good with cats & dogs and children & adults.



Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Male :: Senior

Mango is one of our handsome senior fellows.  He has a soft orange coat with some dark orange tabby markings and long lean legs.  He enjoys attention and soaks up petting, head rubbing and neck scratching.  He’s not really crazy about being picked up and carried around.  He’s a laid back guy, gentle and sweet.  He is quiet overall but is a chatterbox with food is being served!  He is comfortable with the other cats in our building, and especially his best friend ReAnn.  At approx. 14 years old he has lived at our shelter for 11 years.  Over this extended period, Mango has truly bonded with ReAnn.  You will often find them snuggled up sleeping together or in close proximity to each other.  As a bonded pair, they find comfort in each other and may be hard to separate. Our goal is to seek that special household that would welcome both cats. 


Miss Kitty.jpg

Tabby (short coat) :: Adult

Miss Kitty has a beautiful brown and black silky coat with white accents on her chest and face. This lovely girl found a home twice, but came back the first time due to an elderly owner no longer being able to care for her and the second time due to an allergy in the family. She has been an only cat, kept indoors, litter box trained and good with adults; not sure about children.  She is approx. 9 years old and enjoys being petted, having her neck scratched and being gently brushed. She is a quiet, sweet gal who sometimes needs her space and alone time.  We are hoping her next home will be her forever retirement home.

Miss Kitty


Tabby (short coat) :: Female :: Baby

Nala is a petite gal approx. 10 months of age. She has a silky short haired light orange coat. She’s a bit shy, but is a sweet, calm gentle gal that loves to get tummy rubs and be petted. She came with her big brother Simba who looked after her when they lived outdoors. She and her siblings started off life as strays, and their mom found them a safe cat-loving home to shelter them and provide for all their needs. Now we have the opportunity to find her a forever home! 



Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Nicole is a beautiful black, 3 year old, domestic short haired cat.  She is very shy, but playful. Litter box trained.



Calico (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Patches is a calico female about 6 years old. Her gorgeous short-haired coat has large swatches of orange, white and black. One eye is circled with light fur, the other with black and she has a cute freckle on her pink nose. Patches has a sweet personality but is a bit shy when she first meets you. Sit with her and you will find she is super friendly and loves to be petted, have neck scratches and tummy rubs.



Domestic short hair (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Princess is a short-haired, female cat about 6 ½ years old. She is a petite gal with stunning blue eyes and a beautiful light crème/tan/gray Siamese mix coat. Princess is a snuggler, a lap cat and will eagerly roll over for belly rubs. She is good with gentle dogs, other cats, kids & adults. This little lady is super sweet, quiet & gentle and will make a lovely companion.




Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Female :: Senior

ReAnn is one of our special long-stay senior gals.  She has an all black silky coat with an unique small folded ear that makes her easily identifiable in our cat building.  This beautiful gal enjoys being petted, brushed and talked to, but she can be a little shy. Overall she is laid back, sweet and gentle but isn’t crazy about being picked up and carried around. She is quiet in general, but come dinnertime she will be by your side chirping with excitement!  She gets along with the other cats in our building, and especially her best friend Mango.  At approx. 12 years old she has lived at our shelter since she was 6 months old.  Over this extended period, ReAnn has bonded with Mango.  You will often find them snuggled up sleeping together or in close proximity to each other.  As a bonded pair, they find comfort in each other and may be hard to separate. Our goal is to seek that special household that would welcome both cats. 


Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Rollo is a Domestic Short Hair who is approximately 4 years of age.  He is black with some grey/white coloring above his pretty eyes.  Rollo is an independent cat, but loves attention and petting when it's on his own terms.  A sweet boy, but shy and will need a patient family to out him at ease.  At this point we suggest a quiet household without young kids. 



Tabby (short coat) :: Male:: Baby

Socks is a short haired male Tabby, approximately 8 months old. He has a beautiful brown and black tabby coat with accents of white and a very handsome face. He was either dropped on the shelter grounds or found his way to us on his own. He was friendly and curious about people but wasn’t quite ready to trust us. But over time, with lots of attention and love, we won him over and he’s now inside our cat building warm and safe. Socks is pretty laid back and quiet and seems ok with the other cats. He enjoys being petted and having neck scratches. He is still a little cautious and we continue to work on socialization as he waits on his forever home.





Siamese mix (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Socks is a male, Siamese mix-breed cat approximately 6 years old. He has a short-haired coat in a gorgeous shade of warm brown; ranging from dark chocolate brown to light. His face is adorable---a bright pink nose with a big, black spot on it and a large splash of white fur highlighting large, lovely eyes that have a tinge of light green. He is good with gentle dogs, cats, older kids and adults and can sometimes be a little feisty. Socks is a bit shy & cautious, and will need a bit of time to get to know you, but he’s a sweet boy that welcomes petting and is fond of giving head bumps.

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Female :: Young

Tambourine is approximately 2 years of age.  A black, domestic short haired female.  She is very affectionate but on her own schedule.  If she is not in the mood for attention, she may take a swipe at you.  Tambourine is looking for the right owner that will give her space when needed.  She may not be a good fit for young kids.



Tabby (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Tigger is a 4 year old male, orange and white Tabby kitten.  You can surely see the distinctive 'M' on the forehead of this Tabby.  He's a nice cat but can be grumpy.  He may be different in a person's home, than in the shelter with numerous other cats.  Tigger can be quite independent, but he does enjoy a bit of petting on his own terms.  Tigger is quiet and laid back.  He may not be a good fit for young kids.




Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Female :: Senior

Trixie is approximately 10-12 years old; one of our seniors.  She is a female, striped Tabby cat.  Trixie is a petite cat with beautiful markings.  She is somewhat bowlegged, which makes her very unique.  Trixie is a very smart cat who loves to sit in the sun.  She is quiet, independent and doesn't like a lot of handling.  She's waiting for the right family to spoil her with love.  Trixie would probably not do well in a home with smaller children.  She seems to stay to herself but doesn't seem to mind most of the other cats.